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Testing, testing, 1-2-3
Hey there, Macho Man fans! Comin' at you live from Venice Beach. Just fiddling around with this iPhone it direct from the company, say it's good press if I carry it around and show it off and stuff. I haven't really gotten the hang of the whole thing yet, but hey, it's all good if I can stay in touch with my adoring public online, right? And if it's a pain to update, I'll just hire someone else to do it for me!

Heh, whoops. Looks like the party's startin' to wind down, so I'm gonna head back to my mansion. Seeya later, dudes and dudettes. Gonna take a spin through the In-N-Out Burger first though.

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(Translator's Note: I hear they have some fantastic pineapple burgers. Perhaps I should try several dozen.)

Dude, In-N-Out will put anything on your burger. I heard some dude ordered a 100x100 once. Like, 100 patties and 100 slices of cheese. Man, I love this state.

(Deleted comment)
It's better than your potato pancakes or whatever you dudes eat across the pond. Haggis or something, right?

Oh, that little runt? How am I supposed to know? Probably went back to the Big Apple. Heh, he belongs in a restaurant waitin' tables instead of in the ring, anyway. Let the grownups duke it out.

Hallo, Herr Macho.
Hmpt, I don't like the name of this, "In-N-Out"? sounds like they're describing what the food does to the stomach. Tttctch. Mein mutti makes some good schnitzel - but you probably don't eat pig...

Schnitzel? Man, I haven't even heard of that before. Yeah, I usually stick to beef and chicken, anything else totally screws up my diet regimen. What the heck, bring some to the cookout. I'll put some protein powder on it, it's all good.

An' just when I thought Ryan was gonna be our biggest ruckus-raiser...

A burger joint? You eatin' there 'cuz yeh want to or 'cuz yeh heard it was the "popular" thing t'do?

BOGUS, man! Listen, you can insult McDonald's or Wendy's or Burger King, but do NOT let me hear you trash the greatness that is In-N-Out Burger. We are gonna have some problems if you do that, you got it?


Dude, we gotta exchange numbers! Ya can always gimme a ring at 555-DISCO-KID!

Uhh...sure thing, Kid. (Soon as I figure out where my number is on this thing. This is so totally embarassing...)

You silly goose, that's easy! You just goto Settings and then click on My Number and VOILA!!! There's your number!! :DDDDD

Ohh, yeah, there it is. It's 555-MACH-OOOO. Thanks, kid, I owe you one. Gimme a ring next time you're in Cali, huh?

Oh. It's you. I...suppose it's good to see you.

I see you're still working on that horrid tan.

Heh, don't be jealous. You could stand to catch a few rays yourself, dude.

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