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these shades
Heh, sorry for not postin' dudes. Wait, scratch that, sorry for bein' too totally handsome and popular to post on livejournal, dudes. Nah, you know I'm ribbin' ya, I like my WVBA buddies as much as the next guy. But sometimes things get in the way, you know? Like an upcoming movie deal about the Popinski/Macho Match of the Century! Maybe I'll mail you some tickets to the premiere, Pops.

Oh yeah, I signed up for that Hippo Island Summer Vacation stuff too! It's gonna rock. We're gonna liberate some dudes with shock and awe! I don't see how this could end badly at all! Let's do it! You guys need to all come too, you got that? It's goin' down tomorrow, we don't have much time left. I thought we had more heroes on the team, c'mon now!


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