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I'm back, baby!
flexxx (bicep)
You can't keep Macho Man down for long, dudes! Donnie sure picked me up the other night...and ever since that punk Aran Ryan sent me that exploding package, I've been trainin' all day and night outta pure, 100% unfiltered RAGE. Ironically enough it's makin' me feel really good to get back out there, doin' crunches and hittin' the bag around, you know? So I gotta make sure I keep really angry for the rematch! C'mon, punk, is some food coloring and tear gas all ya got? I can take anything you can throw at me!

Oh, but hey drunkpop, I got that case'a soda in the mail today. Thanks, man. Maybe I'll bring it to the rematch and see how you like a taste of your own medicine! Ha ha ha! Wait, wait, bad idea. ...hey, glassyjawed, wanna try some of that pop sometime? Do like Soda and chug some down in the ring, dude!

Speakin' of that rematch, I guess my people are gonna talk to your people about it, Soda. I'm thinkin' maybe Monday night.

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Ohhh, that nasty worm, Aran...that little "prank" of his left me with such fury and indignation! When I got home at last, all I could do was give the first thing I could an infuriated punch!

...Unfortunately, the first thing I saw was Carmen.

We're broken up right now by the way.

Whoa now, you punched Carmen???


(Translator's Note: I say! You punched Carmen?)

Now hang on 'ere, you punched Carmen?!





uhh who is carmen?

(Deleted comment)
Watch it, dude! I'll have you know that Donnie and Carmen aren't married!

Well, on the brighter side of things... you're single now, right? :D


...Flamenco, I expect better.

You... Punched Carmen!?

Have you no honor!?

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