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Deep thoughts, dude.
these shades
So I realized somethin'! I had that whole big plan to make a World Circuit "Make Sure Little Mac Gets His Ass Beat" club, but if I'm gonna knock Soda Popinski all down then that kinda blows a big hole in it. Makin' sure that runt stays in his place is important though...hmm...

Oh well! I can't think about mediating or meditating or whatever it is on an empty stomach. Later, dudes, I'm gonna get a midnight snack...more like a midnight stack. Of cheeseburgers.

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(Deleted comment)
Hmm...yeah, dude, good point. We gotta stick together! Even if, like, I beat the crap out of Soda for makin' me the laughingstock of the West Coast.

Yeah, I'm surprised he hasn't started makin' his way up the ranks! But oh man, when he does, we're gonna be ready for him! We can hold meetings and plot stuff and put sugar in his gas tank, it's gonna rock!

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