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these shades
Like a whole bunch of people on that poll voted to keep my hair grey! I won't have to go through and edit all my icons re-take all my photos, what a hassle. Besides, do I look like the kinda guy who tools around with hair dye all the time? Geez...I wouldn't want it coming out some weird color like purple or pink or something. Although I'm pretty sure some people would get a kick outta that.

Also, check it out: lil_mac_attack's back outta retirement, and so is his freaky coach. aran_ryan, drunkpop and turk_jerk, we gotta keep an eye on this runt. Remember what happened last time? Not cool, dudes. Not. Cool.

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Silver is a very dignified hair color, you know!

ha ha ha ha ha
i remember fondly of him getting lucky nothing else he will remember what it feels like to have our fists in his face
or wait should i say that with more reverance???
yes he shall feel the pain of the world cirquit da ha ha ha ha!!!

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