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Life changing stuff, guys.
Okay, so I got on a bit of a nostalgia kick after lookin' at those (ugly ass, good job Frenchie) photos from earlier. So, like, there's a really big issue here, serious stuff, and I've been thinkin' a lot about it. It might change the course of my ENTIRE LIFE, bros. Namely:

Whether or not I should dye my hair. Dude I feel like a girl getting all weird about this, but the management's been droppin' hints about it for a while so I'm gonna at least consider it. But I'm gonna consider it the good old American way: by majority vote.

Poll #1423803 The poll to decide the fate of Macho Man's hair. Epic, dude. This is history you're gonna make, here.
This poll is closed.

Black hair or grey?

Black hair for a youthful, sleek appearance.
Grey hair, for that "fine looking older man" image.

(Not that I'm old or anything, I just grey early, okay?!)

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Take it from me, honey, I dye my hair too. Remember me back in my "Kid Quick" days? God I was that goofy black kid with an afro and buckteeth. But then disco came into my life~!!

Oh, Machy, I love you better with the black hair. The white hair makes you look like EW! OLD MAN GROSS!!

Y-ya think so? Old man gross? Eesh, dude, that's grim...

keep white looks better with tan skin
if ever hair grows back i want to be sexy black haired stallion... da...

Stick with the natural, eh. Why waste time'n money when yeh should really stick teh bein' yerself?

oh wait, look who I'm talkin' to...

Dude, you wish you had fans like I do! It's hard work keepin' 'em all, you know. Gotta get some managers to protect your image, trainers to keep you in artists and directors for when you're in front of the cameras...I mean, they're professionals, dude! I can't trust myself to someone like me!

Hey Mach Baby, what's your favorite color of hair? Mine's Chocolate, ha ha ha!

Buzz off, dude, this isn't the Has-Been Hangout. Don't you have some chocolate bars to be eating?

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