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these shades
Heh, sorry for not postin' dudes. Wait, scratch that, sorry for bein' too totally handsome and popular to post on livejournal, dudes. Nah, you know I'm ribbin' ya, I like my WVBA buddies as much as the next guy. But sometimes things get in the way, you know? Like an upcoming movie deal about the Popinski/Macho Match of the Century! Maybe I'll mail you some tickets to the premiere, Pops.

Oh yeah, I signed up for that Hippo Island Summer Vacation stuff too! It's gonna rock. We're gonna liberate some dudes with shock and awe! I don't see how this could end badly at all! Let's do it! You guys need to all come too, you got that? It's goin' down tomorrow, we don't have much time left. I thought we had more heroes on the team, c'mon now!

I'm back, baby!
flexxx (bicep)
You can't keep Macho Man down for long, dudes! Donnie sure picked me up the other night...and ever since that punk Aran Ryan sent me that exploding package, I've been trainin' all day and night outta pure, 100% unfiltered RAGE. Ironically enough it's makin' me feel really good to get back out there, doin' crunches and hittin' the bag around, you know? So I gotta make sure I keep really angry for the rematch! C'mon, punk, is some food coloring and tear gas all ya got? I can take anything you can throw at me!

Oh, but hey drunkpop, I got that case'a soda in the mail today. Thanks, man. Maybe I'll bring it to the rematch and see how you like a taste of your own medicine! Ha ha ha! Wait, wait, bad idea. ...hey, glassyjawed, wanna try some of that pop sometime? Do like Soda and chug some down in the ring, dude!

Speakin' of that rematch, I guess my people are gonna talk to your people about it, Soda. I'm thinkin' maybe Monday night.

dude no way man NO. WAY
*Macho's curled up in bed, updating via iPhone with the covers pulled up over his head. There are some Snickers wrappers scattered about; he hasn't taken his loss very well.*

Dudes. Hey, dudes. This is like, a really bad dream right? I really won that match with Soda, and I don't have bruises all over my face, and all these people around my crib are really just there to give me champagne and cake instead of yelling HEY MACHO MAN YOU LOSER HOW COULD YOU LET US DOWN LIKE THAT and oh my god my jaw hurts so much

Seriously this is...like...my first loss since Sandman! SANDMAN! And I mean, I didn't really mind that much 'cause he's Sandman for god's sake (plus he's from Philly, whoo cheesesteak), but Soda Popinski? I didn't think that lush had it in him!

Oh man, oh man...I'm gonna have to declare one hell of a rematch, or else my career's gonna go down the toilet! I'm gonna have to like...do exercise videos or become a personal trainer! Wh-what if nobody hires me and I gotta be one of those washed-up bodybuilders who has to let creepy guys touch my muscles for money?! I can't handle it man, I can't!

...I guess I'd better get out of bed and start training...


*hits "post," sighs, and starts on another Snickers bar*

Deep thoughts, dude.
these shades
So I realized somethin'! I had that whole big plan to make a World Circuit "Make Sure Little Mac Gets His Ass Beat" club, but if I'm gonna knock Soda Popinski all down then that kinda blows a big hole in it. Makin' sure that runt stays in his place is important though...hmm...

Oh well! I can't think about mediating or meditating or whatever it is on an empty stomach. Later, dudes, I'm gonna get a midnight snack...more like a midnight stack. Of cheeseburgers.

Okay dudes YES I know I'm all over those stupid magazines with those stupid pictures of me face down on the stupid picnic table with grapes and antelope meat and curry all over me. You guys would not believe the way my manager yelled at me about it! Acting like he's all tough, sayin' I've got a reputation to uphold...ughhh it's been burnin' me up, I can't even head down to the beach without people laughing at me! LAUGHING! At me! Or else they're deadbeats comin' up to me asking where they can get some of that crack cola or whatever the hell I drank!

drunkpop YOU. AND ME. ARE GOING TO DUKE IT OUT, YOU GOT THAT? NOBODY MAKES A FOOL OUT OF MACHO MAN AND LIVES. NOBODY. You'd better strap on your borscht, because Macho Man's gonna take you for a ride. With his fists. In your face.

Oh man, this is rich!
these shades
Are you dudes following this? Wimpy LaFrench is in jail, this is totally rich! I'm laughin' my ass off over here, this is even better than the Aran Ryan/Narcis Prince buddy comedy stuff. God bless you freaks, I don't need sitcoms with you guys around.

these shades
Like a whole bunch of people on that poll voted to keep my hair grey! Awesome...now I won't have to go through and edit all my icons re-take all my photos, what a hassle. Besides, do I look like the kinda guy who tools around with hair dye all the time? Geez...I wouldn't want it coming out some weird color like purple or pink or something. Although I'm pretty sure some people would get a kick outta that.

Also, check it out: lil_mac_attack's back outta retirement, and so is his freaky coach. aran_ryan, drunkpop and turk_jerk, we gotta keep an eye on this runt. Remember what happened last time? Not cool, dudes. Not. Cool.

Life changing stuff, guys.
Okay, so I got on a bit of a nostalgia kick after lookin' at those (ugly ass, good job Frenchie) photos from earlier. So, like, there's a really big issue here, serious stuff, and I've been thinkin' a lot about it. It might change the course of my ENTIRE LIFE, bros. Namely:

Whether or not I should dye my hair. Dude I feel like a girl getting all weird about this, but the management's been droppin' hints about it for a while so I'm gonna at least consider it. But I'm gonna consider it the good old American way: by majority vote.

Poll #1423803 The poll to decide the fate of Macho Man's hair. Epic, dude. This is history you're gonna make, here.
This poll is closed.

Black hair or grey?

Black hair for a youthful, sleek appearance.
Grey hair, for that "fine looking older man" image.

(Not that I'm old or anything, I just grey early, okay?!)

Still messin around with this thing
these shades
Oh dude this is awesome, it's even got a camera in it! Heh, let's see how this turns out.

Uhhh. Guess I'll mess around with this more tomorrow...

Testing, testing, 1-2-3
Hey there, Macho Man fans! Comin' at you live from Venice Beach. Just fiddling around with this iPhone here...got it direct from the company, say it's good press if I carry it around and show it off and stuff. I haven't really gotten the hang of the whole thing yet, but hey, it's all good if I can stay in touch with my adoring public online, right? And if it's a pain to update, I'll just hire someone else to do it for me!

Heh, whoops. Looks like the party's startin' to wind down, so I'm gonna head back to my mansion. Seeya later, dudes and dudettes. Gonna take a spin through the In-N-Out Burger first though.