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Still messin around with this thing
these shades
Oh dude this is awesome, it's even got a camera in it! Heh, let's see how this turns out.

Uhhh. Guess I'll mess around with this more tomorrow...

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Perhaps if you photograph something that's...not you, your photos would be of higher quality.

You're supposed to aim the lens at your face, not your chest, you silly billy! But that's alright, at least you know that your iPhone works!

Also why haven't you've been returning any of my calls? I left like a gazillion messages on your voicemail! D;

Uhh...sorry, kid! You know how it is, you change your phone number and you tell one person and suddenly all the girls in town have it. Musta gotten lost with the rest of my voicemails!

'Ey, hoser, izzat a tooth or didja get some corn stuck in yer teeth, eh?

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